I began my career in the building of quality custom homes.  I apprenticed under some of the finest master carpenters in the industry. The experienced I gained allowed me to expand my knowledge to  multi-family housing, commercial construction and military construction. I worked all over the State of California, Oregon, and Alaska. Working in such diverse areas enabled me to broaden my education and build an extensive network of resources.

I started Thayer Construction in order to provide clients with superb craftsmanship, and quality service. I acquired these traits after working in the industry for over 15 years. My experience and work has helped me earn a solid reputation in commercial and residential construction.


When you’re working with Thayer Construction your involved with a company  who has been in the field and knows the day-to-day requirements of “hands on” experience and knowledge. We expect and require top quality work from our work crews and subcontractors. It is our goal on every project, regardless of size, to keep the owner and architects informed of the projects progress. We oversee material and equipment selection with regards to the budget of the project. Often we are requested to provide value engineering in order to negotiate a project to meet the client’s budget. We are proud of our honest “open book” policy. We discuss where the hard costs are and without compromising the design, offer suggestions on how to revise certain portions of the project to obtain the desired results. 

We are proud of the reputation we have earned and the services we provide. Our work crews and staff have dedicated themselves to our company and are responsible for the growth and recognition we have earned. When our name is on a project your guaranteed to receive the quality and attention you deserve and expect from a reputable builder.


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