Here is what our clients and associates say about us:

I've worked with William Thayer for years and highly recommend him. Bill translates my drawings perfectly; he really knows what he is doing. He is good about taking an architect's plan, seeing what he can be done with them, and suggesting effective building options.

Bill pays a lot of attention to the details of a job, when a problem comes up he solves it. He may find a better way to do something than I imagined, and the end results always conform to the designs we are going after. William Thayer's crews are excellent, the best craftsmen in this area. He is always aware of what's happening with them, which is very important to me.

Dan Hogan
Project Manager
Wald, Ruhnke, Dost Architects


The District contracted William A. Thayer Construction to implement the modernization of our Elementary School in Carmel. The entire process has been nothing but positive. They are communicative, responsive, responsible, and have done quality work. They have been accessible, all I have to do is call and I get an immediate response. The communication skills of the crew leaders are excellent. They have been very sensitive and responsive to my staff.

The timeline has been perfect; they've consistently finished each milestone early. The people who work for him have been very pleasant and appropriate with small children around. They have been considerate to parents, students, and administrators. Their work ethic has been incredible, I mean they work full time! I have nothing but Kudos for this group of people.

Sharron Douglas
Carmel River School

William Thayer has been excellent to work with. He is a straight forward, dependable contractor. His bids are realistic. He doesn't deviate from the plans unless he talks to me about it first. In particular; his crews are real craftsmen. He is good with clients, accommodates their lifestyle, and dose a good job of seeing that the place is cleaned up. If there are things like flowers and shrubs they don't want to loose, he sees to it they don't. He did the remodel on my house.

Bill Thayer can evaluate a job a come in with a competitive bid that is not just a courtesy bid; it really tells me what the street value of the job is. If we have to modify the scope of the work to get down to the client's budget, Bill is excellent at negotiating and value engineering. You want to figure out how to get a price down? Bill will sit down and work with you. When he gets the bid, he dose a good job and everybody is happy.

Brian Congleton
Congleton Architects AIA


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